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I am an academic urologist with a special interest in urinary stone disease, reconstructive laparoscopic surgeries, transurethral surgeries, and uro-technology. As a urologic surgeon and the head of the endourology & stone disease division at Marmara University. I perform surgeries and treatments of pediatric and adult stone patients independently. 

My current research interests are mainly prospective/retrospective clinical trials on endoscopic stone surgeries, urinary markers, patient-reported outcomes. In addition to this, I am a full-time lecturer in one of the top universities in Istanbul, Turkey. My teaching activities involve undergraduate lecturing and academic supervision to postgraduate urology residents. I have a very specific interest in developing new technologies and I am currently involved in a postgraduate course program on management and informatics, which I hope is going to lead to multidisciplinary research programs on using artificial intelligence in uro-technology. This undergraduate education, which I have taken for the last 4 years will be completed in January 2021, right after completing the last 4 credits and I will receive a diploma and degree in Management and Informatics. This year I enrolled in another distance Undergraduate Distance Education Program at Istanbul University, Istanbul Turkey. This program is a 4-year program and it is on economics. In addition, I have a special interest in advanced statistical analysis. I take care to analyze the data of the studies I participated, and the data of the studies done in our department.

Currently, I am the head of the endourology and stone disease division of Marmara University. In addition to this, I am extensively involved in national and international professional organizations in the last 15 years. I have worked on developing both animated videos and written information for the patients in the European Association of Urology Patient Information (EAU PI). As of November 2020, my duties in the EAU PI working group, where I have been for a long time, have ended. Furthermore, for the last 5 years, I have been working as an Associate Editor at Uropedia (, the electronic learning library of the Society of Urologic Surgeons in Turkey (SUST). This platform covers scientific content like webcasts, abstracts, posters, surgical videos, Hands-on Training (HOT) videos, and videos summarizing the latest meta-analysis articles. In January 2019, I was promoted to Uropedia project director. In addition to these, I have been a board member of the Association of Minimally Invasive Urologic Surgery in Turkey since June 2018. Social media and its effect on our daily life are growing day by day. I am also a part of the leading team in #UroSoMe Working Group which mainly functions at Twitter with the handle @so_uro. This is an international group of urologists and trainees who are interested in the utility of Social Media in Urology. We wish to create a global urological community for the exchange of ideas and having collaborative projects together. We also do several studies and publications.


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