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Elif Küçükoğlu, graduated from Marmara University Preschool Education Department and completed her master's degree in Marmara University Institute of Educational Sciences in 1999; she received the title of Doctor in 2020 with her thesis titled "Development of Preschool Auditory Processing Test (PAPT) and Analysis of the Effects of Electronic Books and Published Books on Auditory Processing Skills of 60-72 Month-Old Children".


Küçükoğlu started her career as a teacher in a private kindergarten between 1996-1999. Between 2000-2019 she continued her academic studies in Marmara University Atatürk Faculty of Education, in addition to managing The  Prof.Dr. Ayla Oktay Preschool Education Implementation Unit.


She is still continuing her academic studies in the Preschool Teaching Department, focusing on technology, material design, preschool education program and innovative applications in education, Küçükoğlu has publications for preschool children and teachers; conducts seminar studies with families and teachers.

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Ataturk Faculty of Education
Elementary Education
Department of Preschool Teacher Education


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