You can access the research activities of the units and departments in this area.

Faculties and Collages

  1. Ataturk Faculty of Education
  2. Faculty of Applied Sciences
  3. Faculty of Arts and Sciences
  4. Faculty of Business Administration
  5. Faculty of Communication
  6. Faculty of Dentistry
  7. Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences
  8. Faculty of Economics
  9. Faculty of Engineering
  10. Faculty of Financial Sciences
  11. Faculty of Financial Sciences
  12. Faculty of Fine Arts
  13. Faculty of Health Education
  14. Faculty of Health Sciences
  15. Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
  16. Faculty of Law
  17. Faculty of Pharmacy
  18. Faculty of Political Sciences
  19. Faculty of Sciences
  20. Faculty of Sport sciences
  21. Faculty of Technical Education
  22. Faculty of Technology
  23. Faculty of Theology
  24. Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
  25. İstanbul Zeynep Kamil Health School
  26. Mimarlık ve Tasarım Fakültesi
  27. School of Applied Sciences
  28. School of Foreign Languages
  29. School of Jewelry Technology and Design
  30. School of Medicine
  31. School of Nursing
  32. School of Physical Education and Sports
  33. School of Press and Broadcasting


  1. Institute for Graduate Studies in Pure and Applied Sciences
  2. Institute of Banking and Insurance
  3. Institute of Educational Sciences
  4. Institute of European Studies
  5. Institute of Fine Arts
  6. Institute of Gastroenterology
  7. Institute of Health Sciences
  8. Institute of Middle East Studies
  9. Institute of Middle Eastern and Islamic Countries
  10. Institute of Neurological Sciences
  11. Institute of Social Sciences
  12. Institute of Turkic Studies
  13. İslam Ekonomisi ve Finansı Enstitüsü

Vocational Schools

  1. Vocational School of Health Services
  2. Vocational School of Justice
  3. Vocational School of Social Sciences
  4. Vocational School of Technical Sciences
  5. Vocational School of Theology

Other Units

  1. Rectorate