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Professor Kazan's research range from Chemical Engineering to Bioprocess Engineering. She has carried out collaborative research work to screen, isolate and characterize extremophiles to produce biobased materials (pharmaceuticals, industrial enzymes and biopolymers) with novel properties; to purify, characterize and stabilize proteins for industrial applications; to develop and optimize efficient and sustainable bioprocesses; and to produce biopolymers for biomedical applications. Her research also covers proteomics and metabolomics to understand the response of living cells to extreme conditions. With the knowledge gained from the projects and research activities performed, her most important mission is to achieve research activities through using bioprocess engineering tools within the green chemistry approach to contribute the creation of sustainable environment and society.In order to commercialize her research work, she founded BacPolyZyme Bioengineering LLC. BacPolyZyme provides basic and advanced bioprocess related services for manufacturers that want to produce industrial enzymes, biofuels, organic acids, biopolymers, and pharmaceuticals through fermentation processes.

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