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Mete A. Çilingirtürk born in Edirne-Turkey at 22.06.1968.

Marmara University, Institute of  Social Sciences, Istanbul-Turkey, Doctorate of Philosophy in Statistics (1993 to July, 1998), Thesis on “Investigation of Regular Cycles in Interest Rates through Spectral Analysis”, Master of Arts Degree in Statistics (1991 to 1993), Thesis on “Statistical Analysis of the Risk in the Capital Market”. Bosphorus University, Department of Business Administration, İstanbul-Turkey (1986 to 1991), Graduate Degree in BA.

He was Marmara University, Social Sciences Institude-Turkey Vice Manager between July, 2009-February, 2011, and still work as LLP/Erasmus Coordinator in the same Institution till July, 2009. He is Professor in Statistics since October, 2011 in Marmara University, Department of Econometrics-Turkey. He was Department Erasmus Coordinator (2007- February, 2011), Associate Professor in Statistics (April, 2006 – 2011),             Assistant Professor in Statistics (December, 1999 – 2006), Research Assistant in Statistics (October, 1991 to August, 1998). He also had the duty as Vice Head of Department (September 18th, 1999 -2004) at the same department. He has been at Berlin Technical University-Germany, Marketing I (at Prof. V. Trommsdorrff) as DAAD Scholarship Guest Researcher in September, 2002 and at Lüneburg University-Germany, Production and Management Enformatics Department (at Prof. J. Reese) as DAAD Scholarship Guest Researcher in July-August, 2001. He worked as a data operator during Islam Congress, Setur Tourism Co. in May, 1991 and as Foreign Trade Assistant at Erdem Textile Ltd. in 1989 to 1991. He fullfiled his military obligation at Turkish Air Force Academy as Lieutenant in the Dept. of Industrial Engineering instructed the courses “Introduction to Statistics” and “Introduction to Econometrics” in December 1st, 1994 to March 31st, 1996. He has been worked in same private or public projects during his academic career. Some of them are Consumer and Elasticity Research, TNB Bilgisayar ve Görüntü Sistemleri A.Ş., Üsküdar-İstanbul, Reporter, 2012; Price Utility Research, Estima Araştırma Danışmanlık ve Tic. A.Ş. Maslak/İstanbul, Conjoint Analysis Reporter, 2011; Automotive Trade Roadmap to Future 10 Years, Automotive Distributors Association, Statistival Analysis Reporter, 2009; Economıc Analysıs of the Economıc Structure Forconversion and Development Dıstrıct Makıng The Transformatıon And Development Of Economy Inpreparatıon for the Alternative Scenarios, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Denge Research, Fatih-İstanbul, Industrial and Trade Network Analysis Reporter, 2008-2009; GRP, Awareness, Advertisement Effect, Mindshare Turkey, Maslak-İstanbul, Advisor and Educator, 2005; Trademark Lawsuit, Ofo Ventura, Şişli-İstanbul, Survey Researchs Expert, 2003; Wissen, Einstellung und Kaufverhalten:Die Gentechnik, MARKETING und TECHNOLOGIE MANAGEMENT Lüneburg University-Germany, Statistival Analysis Advisor, 2001; Logistics and Transportation Sector Capacity Development Opportunities and Optimization Approaches, Marmara University BAPKO Project, SOS-028/140604, Project Manager, 2004. He has a book “Data Analysis for Statistical Decision Making”, Seçkin Publications (2011) and some of their publications as corresponding or coauthor are “Bilateral Trade Impact on GDP: A Markov Chain Approach”, International Research Journal of Finance and Economics 67, (2011); “Public Awareness Of Marine Pollution In Istanbul/Turkey”, Fresenius Environmental Bulletin, Vol.19 (2010); “Der aktüelle Stand der Performancemessung und deren Akzeptanz in der Türkei anhand einer emprischen Untersuchung. Finanzierung und Controlling in Emerging Markets. Ed.:Pernsteiner, H., Sümer, H. Vien: Linde Verlag (2011). His research area and main interests in statistics are the use of entropy in statistical methods, social or industrial networking, and data analysis. 

Prof. Çilingirtürk is member of Turkish Statistics Association, referee for several academic journals and chaired in some symposiums and congresses.

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