General Information


1958, Sarkisla-Sivas, Turkey


Current Position

Vice Head of Department, Assistant Professor

Taught Courses


“Art of Sculpture”

“Design and Practice in Sculpture-Wood workshop”

Academic Background

1998  Assistant Professor

1995  Instructor

1986  Reader

International Symposiums

1997  I. Stone Sculpture, Ashkelon, Israel

1994  III. Stone Sculpture, Toulon, France

National Symposiums

2007  I. Stone Sculpture, Adana

2006  I. Stone Sculpture Biennale, Yesemek-Gaziantep

2005  I. Stone Sculpture, Hereke

2005  I. Stone Sculpture, University of Ataturk, Erzurum

2003  I. Ilhan Koman Stone Sculpture, University of Trakya, Edirne

2003  II. Stone Sculpture, B. Cekmece, Istanbul

2001  I. Stone Sculpture, Maltepe, Istanbul

1998  I. Stone Sculpture, Antalya

1995  I. Stone Sculpture, Yalova


2008  First price, Mevlana Celaleddin-i Rumi Sculpture Competition, Zeytinburnu, Istanbul.

2008  Third price, Yunus Emre Sculpture Competition, Zeytinburnu, Istanbul.

2008  Mansion, 50. Year of Anadolu University Sculpture Competition, Eskisehir.

1995  Price, 56. State Sculpture Competition.

1993  Three Dimensional Contemporary Art Works, the Municipality of Metropolitan City, Istanbul

“Aplication Price” Competition of Installation Activity

1986  the First Price, 400. Year of Mimar Sinan, the Branch of Monument and Bust, the Turkish Ministry of Culture.

1985  A Crosscut in Contemporary Turkish Art, Alarko

1985  The Bust of Mimar Sinan , Universty of Mimar Sinan 1. Price    

Institutional Information

Faculty of Fine Arts
Department of Sculpture