General Information


Assoc.Prof. Ayda Uzunçarşılı Soydaş (PhD) is undergraduated from İstanbul University, Faculty of Business Administration. She received Master degree in İstanbul University, Institute of Social Sciences, Department of Human Resources Management and PhD degree in Marmara University, Institute of Social Sciences, Department of Public Relations and Publicity.

She is a member of Marmara University, Faculty of Communications since 1993. Her major teaching subjects are New Media and Intercultural Management-Communication, Crisis Communication, Health Communication, New Media and Interactive Media

She has written a book on Intercultural Communication and several book chapters, beside several international and national published articles.

She is a member of International Language and Culture Project Team with Prof. Anna-Wil Harzing.   

Institutional Information

Faculty of Communication
Public Relations and Publicity
Department of Research Methods