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I graduated from Physical Education and Sports Teacher Training Department of Ataturk Education Faculty at Marmara University in 1989. I got my master's degree in 1992 and Ph.D. degree in 1996 at the same university. I have been working at Marmara University since 1990.

My Ph.D. thesis is titled “A Research on 6-12-Year-Old Normal Children’s Motor Abilities According to Lincoln-Oseretzky Motor Development Test”. I study subjects such as motor development, motor learning, physical education, curriculum development, physical education, teacher training, and sports culture. I have three published books in Turkiye. I participated in many national and international congresses with papers and have numerous published articles in national Refereed Journals. I am currently lecturing at undergraduate and graduate levels, doing academic advising for the masters and Ph.D. students. I have assisted several master's theses now completed and have been assisting many doctorates and master's students as their thesis advisor.

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Ataturk Faculty of Education
Elementary Education
Department of Classroom Education


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