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Kerem Ozan Bayraktar (1984) lives and works in Istanbul. He mainly uses animations, 3d computer visualizations, scale models and texts, and carries out researches and works focusing on change, mutation, diversity and copying. He reproduces and depicts the boundaries, loops and interactions of artificial and natural systems in a wide research area ranging from planet morphologies to urban plants.

Having received his master’s and Proficiency in Art (PhD) degrees at the Fine Arts Institute of Marmara University with the theses entitled “Digital Image and Representation” and “Object of Art and Mapping in the Context of System Theory”, respectively, Bayraktar, who has been holding workshops, lectures and exhibitions with the artist group “System Studies” at various times since 2012, has six solo shows. The artist has participated in many group exhibitions, among them, “Colony” (2018, Abud Efendi Mansion), “Deep, Darkness and Splendor” (2017, Galerist), “aRb” (2017, Sanatorium), “Habitat” (2016, Istanbul Modern), “VIVO” (2015, Kasa), “Please Do Not Disturb” (2013, Istanbul Modern), “Borders and Orbits” (Siemens Art, 2009) and “26th Contemporary Artists” (2008, Aksanat), being in the first place. His works appeared in national and foreign publications, video screenings and became part of collections.