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Habibullah Uzun graduated from Kadıköy IHL in 2001. He completed his undergraduate education in 2005. He worked as an engineer for two years at Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Environmental Protection Department (2005-2007). He received his master's and doctoral degrees (AWWA supported project) from Michigan State University (USA, 2010) and Clemson University (USA, 2016), respectively. He then worked as a Post-doc in two research projects funded by USEPA and NSF at Clemson University.

Habibullah Uzun has been working as an Assist. Prof. Dr. at Marmara University, Department of Environ. Eng. since September 2018.   He is also serving as a director of Erasmus and Internship commissions. 

His primary research interest is in the application of physicochemical processes in drinking water. He has dedicated his research career to studying water quality changes & the occurrence of disinfection by-product precursors (DBPs) in source water and their control during water treatment. He is particularly interested in understanding the effect of human activities and watershed management on the occurrence and controlling such precursors with different treatment processes (i.e., oxidation, membranes, and activated carbon). However, recent researches showed that an abrupt change occurs in the behavior of weather events throughout the World which has the potential to affect water sources. The case in this new atmospheric phenomena (severe droughts, wildfires, and flooding) and increased anthropogenic activities in source waters require new approaches in terms of watershed management and water treatment. Thus, his research interest evolved on these new emerging topics and their potential effects on safe drinking water supply.

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