General Information


Born in Istanbul, Şehnaz Yalçın graduated from the Art Department of Marmara University’s Atatürk Faculty of Education in 1992. After completing her Master’s degree in fine art in 1995, she began her doctoral studies and was awarded her doctorate in 1999. In the same year she researched on female figures portrayed in the miniature paintings of Ottoman artists Levni and Buhari.

Since 1997 Şehnaz Yalçın has been a lecturer in Marmara University. She has received national and international awards and commendations for her paintings which have been exhibited in many local and international exhibitions, including the entry of two her artworks into museums. As well as publishing articles and writing an  encyclopedia on female figures in Ottoman miniature art, she has also participated in art contest juries and many international art symposia. Şehnaz currently holds the post of Professor in Marmara University where she also continues with her studies and her art work.

Institutional Information

Ataturk Faculty of Education
Fine Arts Education
Department of Art and Crafts Teacher Education