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He was born in Konya, in 1974. In 1996, he graduated from Seljuk University Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences, from the department of Public Administration. He acquired proficiency in thuluth-naskh from the calligrapher Hüseyin Öksüz, in 2002. After completing the practices of jali diwani and diwani, he started the lessons of ta’liq. He studied to increase knowledge about artistic precisions in calligraphy art with supports of Mehmed Özçay and Osman Özçay. In 2005, he became a research assistant and the Assistant Head of Department at Seljuk University Faculty of Fine Arts, in the department of Traditional Turkish Arts. In 2008, he became a doctor with his thesis called “Band Scripts of Istanbul’s Sultanate Mosques”. He became an assistant professor in 2009 and he becamed an associate professor and head of department in 2013. He received rewards in the field of thuluth, in IRCICA 6th International Calligraphy Competition (2004) and 8th International Calligraphy Competition (2010) and in the field of muhaqqqaq in IRCICA 10th International Calligraphy Competition (2004). He also received rewards in the fields of thuluth (2012) and jaly taliq (2015) in Albaraka International Calligraphy Competitions. He worked as one of the calligraphers of Mushaf-i Sharif (the Quran) which was written in Dubai, in Ramadan 2011 (1432), 2012 (1433), 2013 (1434), 2014 (1435) and 2016 (1437). He attended approximately 100 national and international exhibitions with his calligraphic artworks. He appointed as associate professor to Marmara University Faculty of Theology in 2016. He  continues classic/modern calligraphic creations and scientific works.


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