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Bahar KIRIK RÁCZ's main research interests lie in differential geometry and its applications to physics such as in general relativity theory. She studied several mathematical structures of 4-dimensional spaces admitting a metric of arbitrary signature. In particular, the isotropy subalgebras and the possible algebraic types of the Ricci and Weyl tensors are determined for 4- dimensional spaces admitting Killing vector fields, where the signature of the metric of the ambient space was allowed to be arbitrary. She did several researches on the tensor analysis over pseudo-Riemannian manifolds, e. g., the full characterization of second order, recurrent, symmetric and anti-symmetric tensor fields on 4-dimensional spaces of arbitrary signature has been given by using the holonomy theory. She also worked on some special mappings such as conformal, conharmonic and special vector fields over special pseudo-Riemann manifolds like Einstein and its generalizations in arbitrary dimensions. She got her PhD at Istanbul Technical University, Department of Mathematical Engineering in 2016 where she was also a research assistant between 2010-2016. She has been working at Marmara University, Department of Mathematics since 2018 where she got an associate professor position from February, 2020.