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Amjad M. Hussain was born and raised in Norway. He later traveled to the United Kingdom where he completed his A-levels and higher education, including his doctorate. He went on to work as a Lecturer in Religious Studies at Trinity University College, Carmarthen, and later as a Senior Lecturer in Islamic Studies at Trinity Saint David, University of Wales, United Kingdom. He is currently an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Divinity at Marmara University, Istanbul, Turkey. His many publications include the books, 'A Social History of Education in the Muslim World: From the Prophetic Era to Ottoman Times' (2013), 'The Study of Religions: An Introduction' (2015), 'The Muslim Creed: A Contemporary Theological Study' (2016), 'Islam for New Muslims: An Educational Guide' (2018), and 'Islam and Psychology' (2020). He has also written numerous book chapters and journal articles that have been published in the United Kingdom, United States, Malaysia, Pakistan and Turkey.

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