Rumlar ve Ticaret: Elen Ticaret Mektebi

Arzova S. B. books , Washington, 2020

  • Basım Tarihi: 2020
  • Yayınevi: books
  • Basıldığı Şehir: Washington


I'm not a historian.

I never had such a claim either. But I love history very much.

The book you hold illuminates a period. The person who inspired this book is my late professor Dr. Oktay Güvemli. He always asked me to study accounting history. He always talked about the paucity of research on the history of accounting in Turkey. Thanks to him, I first heard about the existence of “Hellenic Trade School”. Rest in peace. He has always been a pole star for me.

When it is the case of trade school in Turkey, Marmara University comes always the first. I am greatly honored to be a member of this community. This School has largely trained traders, businessmen and accountants for the Ottoman Empire first then the newborn Republic of Turkey.

I believe that every university and even the faculties within that university have a mission.

Marmara University, which started education in a house behind the Istanbul Girls' High School in Cağaloğlu under the name of “Hamidiye Ticaret Mekteb-i Âlisi” on the 16th of January 1883, under the Ministry of Commerce and Agriculture Forestry and Maadin, became an Academy of Economic and Commercial Sciences in 1959. With the arrangements made in 1982, it has taken its place among the most distinguished universities of our country under the name of “Marmara University”.

The Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, one of the most distinguished faculties of this distinguished university was divided into three distinguished faculties (Faculties of Business - Economics and Political Sciences) over time. I always believed that the mission of the Faculty of Business Administration, which is my faculty, is to raise a “Good Trader”.

Trade-in our country has been a long time business. The increase in trade, especially after the Industrial Revolution, has made some countries and the ports of these countries more active than ever before. Istanbul Karaköy port was one of the few ports in the world at that time and even earlier. The fact that our non-Muslim citizens who live in Istanbul know a lot of languages, are prone to trade as a family, has caused Istanbul to be an attractive port for foreigners.

Increasing trade after the Industrial Revolution brought along the need for “trained manpower”. It was in this period that, before Marmara University, there was an illuminated “School of Commerce” in our territory, which could compete with the world, containing many different courses, and even guided other schools of the period: “Elen Commercial School”

Commerce education in Turkey is always "Scholar in Hamidiye Trade Mektebi" is said to begin with that. However, this is not true. Hellenic School of Commerce was an educational institution that was the face of these lands. Life was very short. It was closed with a sad story.

My only goal when writing this book was to explore the dusty history of this important institution and introduce the lessons taught. In the later parts of the book, I tried to explain to the readers how the education of trade started in the West.

As I was writing the book, I started learning Greek to solve some texts. I translated it without difficulty because some of the course contents are in French.

I hope I was able to leave a mark on history.