Design and Implementation of eTansiyon Mobile Software Application

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Bajgora M., Doğan B. , Altıkardeş Z. A. , Yılmaz E., Uzuner A.

2020 Innovations in Intelligent Systems and Applications Conference (ASYU), İstanbul, Türkiye, 15 - 17 Ekim 2020, sa.20198800, ss.328-335


Abstract: In this study, a mobile application called eTansyion designed and developed for global disease hypertension, which affects the whole world, can be used by both patients and doctors to follow their health status. In this study, the components of the eTansiyon mobile application are presented and the stages of the Rapid Application Development approach used in the development process are explained. eTansiyon is an application where patients can record, monitor their measured blood pressure data, create graphics of this data and share with their doctors on iOS and Android platforms. Especially in an epidemic period, it is expected that the developed application will contribute to this research field by offering a model based on the common approach of medicine and computer science. keywords: {blood;blood pressure measurement;diseases;medical computing;medical information systems;mobile computing;measured blood pressure data;rapid application development;doctors;global disease hypertension;health status;eTansiyon mobile software application;Hypertension;Biomedical monitoring;Blood pressure;Monitoring;Mobile applications;Medical services;Telemedicine;Mobile Health;hypertension;Health Software},URL: