Attıtudes Of The Musıc Teacher Candıdates In Turkey Towards The Indıvıdual Instrument Traınıng Lesson I

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Çoban S.

” Internatıonal Journal Of Socıal Scıences And Humanıty Studıes Vol 3, No 1,, cilt.3, sa.1, ss.457-466, 2011 (Diğer Kurumların Hakemli Dergileri)

  • Cilt numarası: 3 Konu: 1
  • Basım Tarihi: 2011
  • Dergi Adı: ” Internatıonal Journal Of Socıal Scıences And Humanıty Studıes Vol 3, No 1,
  • Sayfa Sayıları: ss.457-466


This research is a descriptive study conducted in order to determine the attitude levels of candidate music teachers studying at the Music Education Departments of Universities in Turkey towards the instrument lesson during their education at the universities. Working group of this study is comprised of senior students studying in Faculty of Education from different universities of Turkey. The scale used in the study was adopted from the attitude scale prepared by Tufan and Güdek (2008) and aimed at the piano lesson and the studies of validity and reliability were carried out. After the factor analysis performed, the factor structure of the scale was determined as; value, pleasure and necessity. As a result of the study, value, pleasure and necessity dimensions, which are the subdimensions of the Attitude Scale of the teacher candidates aimed at the instrument lesson, were compared with one another within the context of the study findings and consequently, significant determinations were revealed