Real-time Grouped Management of Electric Vehicle Battery Chargers (EVBCs) for Voltage Profile Improvement in Radial Distribution Networks

Zehir M. A. , Hayes B., Djokic S. Z.

2019 IEEE PES Innovative Smart Grid Technologies Europe, ISGT-Europe 2019, Bucharest, Romanya, 29 Eylül - 02 Ekim 2019 identifier


© 2019 IEEE.Voltage limit violation is one of the main factors that impact large-scale integration of electric vehicles in distribution networks. In order to improve voltage profiles, active charging management techniques can be deployed in real-time, considering voltage sensitivities of customer buses. The study in this paper investigates a real-time charging management approach for electric vehicles, clustered according to voltage sensitivities among the customer buses, in a local network. Constant power (CP) and constant current (CC) models, representing a range of electric vehicle battery chargers (EVBCs), are used in simulations with high-resolution stochastic EV charging and residential demand profiles. The paper quantifies the performance of the proposed management approach in a local network model based on real data and IEEE European Low Voltage (LV) Test Feeder.