Political Finance and Transparency

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Gençkaya Ö. F. , Gündüz U., Cihangirtetik D.

Alan Matbaacılık, İstanbul, 2016

  • Publication Type: Book / Vocational Book
  • Publication Date: 2016
  • Publisher: Alan Matbaacılık
  • City: İstanbul


Political parties are considered the “nerve centre of democracy”. There is a relation

between the extent to which the campaign financing of political parties and candidates

is transparent and accountable and the conduct of elections in a free, fair and

egalitarian environment. It is important and required to regulate the financing of

politics to ensure equality of opportunities as sine qua non of democratic political

competition. The following are priority issues to address if we are ever to put into

practice the principles of transparency and accountability: public disclosure of media

and campaign expenditures along with funding sources; disclosure of information

on service agreements between political parties and media entities, and a clear description

of oversight and sanctioning mechanisms applicable to irregularities. In this

context, this report discusses the extent to which the principles of transparency and

accountability in political financing in Turkey are ensured, issue areas, and solution