On weakly 1-absorbing prime ideals

Koç S. , Tekir Ü. , Yıldız E.

RICERCHE DI MATEMATICA, 2021 (SCI İndekslerine Giren Dergi) identifier identifier


This paper introduce and study weakly 1-absorbing prime ideals in commutative rings. Let A be a commutative ring with a nonzero identity 1 not equal 0. A proper ideal P of A is said to be a weakly 1-absorbing prime ideal if for every nonunits x, y, z. A with 0 not equal xyz. P, then xy is an element of P or z is an element of P. In addition to give many properties and characterizations of weakly 1-absorbing prime ideals, we also determine rings in which every proper ideal is weakly 1-absorbing prime. Furthermore, we investigate weakly 1-absorbing prime ideals in C( X), which is the ring of continuous functions of a topological space X.