High-order harmonic generation from confined Rydberg atoms

Orazymbetov K., BLEDA E. A. , ALTUN Z. , Topcu T.

29th International Conference on Photonic, Electronic, and Atomic Collisions (ICPEAC), Toledo, Philippines, 22 - 28 July 2015, vol.635 identifier identifier


We report results from our simulations of High Harmonic Generation (HHG) from a confined atom in a Rydberg state. We find that for the n = 2 excited state of H the cut-off of the harmonic spectrum is substantially extended compared to that for a free atom at the expense of the harmonic yield. This effect is dependent on the radius of the confining shell for a given n. We also observe that the confined spectrum exhibits cusps similar to those seen in the HHG spectra from ground state atoms in the presence of Cooper minima.