Research Areas

Transport Events

We work on transport properties of polymers such as Newtonian and non-Newtonian viscosities, dielectric or volume relaxation, diffusion, and ionic conductivity using the free volume or free volume fraction obtained from Simha Somcynsky theory and positron annihilation lifetime spectroscopy.

Thermal Properties of Condensed Matter

We work on statistical thermodynamics of chain molecular system or polymer system using Simha Somcynsky theory

Surfaces, Interfaces, Thin Films and Nanosystems

Using variable energy positron beam system, we work on depth defect profile of materials surfaces such as films, coatings and intersurfaces.


Using Positron Annihilation Lifetime spectroscopy and Doppler Broadening Spectroscopy, we work on defects, free volume or vacancy analysis of bulk and surfaces of materials.

Statistical Mechanics

We work on the statistical mechanics of chain molecular systems based on Flory-Huggins mean field theory and Freed lattice cluster theory in Simha Somcynsky theory.

Characterization of Polymers

Using the equation of state and equilibrium condition via Simha Somcynky theory, we characterise polymers themodynamically.

Polymeric Materials
Fuel Cells