DC and AC conductivity properties of bovine dentine hydroxyapatite (BDHA)

Dumludag F., Gunduz O. , Kilic O., Ekren N. , Kalkandelen C., Ozbek B., ...More

3rd International Conference on Smart Material Research (ICSMR), Melbourne, Australia, 15 - 17 November 2017, vol.293 identifier identifier


Bovine dentine bio-waste may be used as a potential natural source of hydroxyapatite (BDHA), thus extraction of bovine dentin hydroxyapatite (BDHA) from bio-waste is significantly important to fabricate in a simple, economically and environmentally preferable. DC and AC conductivity properties of BDHA were investigated depending on sintering temperature (1000 degrees C - 1300 degrees C) in air and vacuum (<10(-2) mbar) ambient at room temperature. DC conductivity measurements performed between -1 and 1 V. AC conductivity measurements performed in the frequency range of 40 Hz - 100 kHz. DC conductivity results showed that dc conductivity values of the BDHA decrease with increasing sintering temperature in air ambient. It is not observed remarkable/systematic behavior for ac conductivity depending on sintering temperature.