Textile-Based Thermally Driven Actuators for Soft Robotic Mechanotherapy Applications

Celebi M. F. , Beler Z., Dede E., Koçak E. D. , Atalay Ö., Tunçay Atalay A. , ...More

2022 8th International Conference on Control, Decision and Information Technologies (CoDIT), İstanbul, Turkey, 17 - 20 May 2022, pp.1303-1307 identifier


Rigid-body industrial robotic manipulators and pneumatic compression systems are widely used in mechano-therapeutic applications. However, rigid and bulky components reduce the wearability of the system in mobile environments. The current trend in wearable robotics tends to build such devices using textiles/silicone materials thanks to their lightness, compliancy, and comfort properties. In this study, thermally powered soft fluidic actuators that utilize liquid/gas phase transition property of low boiling point liquids are investigated. Proposed actuators generate desired pressure level and have great potential to free mechano-therapy devices from such bulky components. The developed structure incorporates textile-based heaters, thin film actuator shells, and low boiling point liquids. Here, two low boiling liquids with different boiling temperature are mixed successfully in order to obtain desired boiling point. Results a revealed that actuators constructed with PE/PA membrane did not show any deterioration even after 500 cycle actuation. In order to control the system, instantaneous temperature of the textile-based heater on the actuator device is used as feedback for the on-off controller.