The Consept of Surface Design and Turkish Carpets

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Çiloğlu H.

III. Uluslararası Türk El Dokumaları (Tekstil) ve Gelenekli Sanatlar Kongresi, Konya, Turkey, 30 - 31 May 2011, pp.279-291

  • Publication Type: Conference Paper / Full Text
  • City: Konya
  • Country: Turkey
  • Page Numbers: pp.279-291


Turkish carpets, with its periodical, regional and cultural features, has an important place amongst woven textiles which have rich patterns and composition. Besides their functional features, with their high aesthetics in pattern and color composition which have won recognition in every era, they display unique works of art in surface design in line with the sense of contemporary art. 

All works that reach human appreciation come to life as a result of a design and every single branch of art has its own expression. in the world we live in since the ancient ages until today humans have become acquinted with the nature that they live in and have had an ever-increasing relation with it, they exploited the forms, the colors and the living principles of nature, and nature has become the master teacher of the artist. However, humans, unlike any other living being, are a changing, discontent, modifying and constantly researching creature by nature. Professional artists do not satisfy only with the forms in nature and create their own forms by attributing their own feelings and thoughts to the forms they exploit. Thus, forms in art shift from the nature that we live in to the inner world of the artist. Therefore, human does not transfer the forms in nature that he sees with his own eyes. He transfers the abstractions of forms in nature, the forms in his inner world that he attributed his feelings and thoughts to which are in line with nature's design principles and the artist's own experiences, to surface designs. Although people who weave carpets do not have a forma! education in visual arts, their artistic side significantly progresses as a result of practises, knowledge and the cultural richness thqt come from the depths of history. Just like the way professional artists attribute their own feelings and thoughts to their work of arts and surface designs, carpet weavers, from past to present, attribute their experiences and important messages from their inner world aesthetically by using visual expression forms through colors, patterns and themes. Because of their these qualities, they are fept in museums and private collections today.