Öner E. , Yılmaz Şahinbaşkan B. , Varış E.

4th Central European Conference 2005, Liberec, Czech Republic, 7 - 09 September 2005, pp.1-5

  • Publication Type: Conference Paper / Full Text
  • City: Liberec
  • Country: Czech Republic
  • Page Numbers: pp.1-5


The high visibility garments are mainly used by the police forces, the road rescue services, the fire brigades, the towns refuse collectors and many other workers who want to draw attention to themselves as these materials are easily recognisable. These garments must provide high visibility protection as specified by EN 471:2003 standard, they must be comfortable to wear and stand up to daily use in hard working conditions. In this work, the colouristic and the fastness properties of 100% PES fabrics dyed with two commercial fluorescent dyes were investigated. Accordingly, 100% PES knitted fabric (rib, 265 g/m2) was used for dyeing with fluorescent dyes, namely, C.I. Disperse Yellow 184/1 and C.I. Disperse Red 277. Each of these two dyes at various concentrations (0.05% - 3% o.w.f.) and 1% o.w.f. dye mixtures were applied to the fabrics by exhaustion method. In an additional study, 100% PES microfibre woven fabric (118 g/m2) was also dyed with C.I. Disperse Yellow 184/1 and treated with a water/soil repellent agent [Setapret FC (Setaş Kimya)] by a padding application and fixation. The effect of the finishing chemical on the colouristic properties of fluorescent dyed fabric was investigated.

The colour measurements, repeatability of dyeings and the fastness (washing, staining, rubbing, hot pressing and light fastness) tests were carried out and the colours were evaluated in accordance with the chromaticity coordinates and the luminance factors given in the EN 471:2003 standard.