Single Bath Combined Dyeing and Antimicrobial Finishing of %100 Polyester Yarns

Öner E. , Atak O. , Durna M., Şahin H. , Urkan I.

Tex Teh IV İnternational Conference, Bucharest – Romania, Bucuresti, Romania, 23 - 24 June 2011, pp.314-318

  • Publication Type: Conference Paper / Full Text
  • City: Bucuresti
  • Country: Romania
  • Page Numbers: pp.314-318


Abstract: 100% polyester yarns were dyed with C.I. Disperse Blue 165 and finished with an

antimicrobial agent, namely Microfresh Liquid formulation 9200-200 (DyStar), in the same

bath. After the combined process, a reductive clearing was applied to half of the material.

The fastness of the antimicrobial performance of the dyed and finished yarns was evaluated

in accordance with AATCC 61-2006. The antimicrobial effects were given as % reduction of

bacteria and the % reduction values were calculated in accordance with the AATCC 100-

2004. Comparisons of the antimicrobial effect of untreated materials were carried out with

the dyed and reductive cleared, and the dyed and finished materials. The results show that

dyeing and finishing with antimicrobial agents can be performed successfully in a single

bath. The color yield, dyeing fastness, dyeing repeatability properties were investigated.