Dynamics of rod eutectic growth patterns in confined geometry

ŞEREFOĞLU KAYA M. , Bottin-Rousseau S., Akamatsu S., Faivre G.

3rd International Conference on Advances in Solidification Processes, Netherlands, 7 - 10 June 2011, vol.27 identifier identifier


The dynamics of rod-like eutectics are examined using a directional solidification setup, which allows real-time observation of the whole solidification front in specimens of transparent eutectic alloys-here, succinonitrile-(D)camphor. In steady-state, rod eutectic growth patterns consist of triangular arrays, more or less disturbed by topological defects. In the absence of strong convection and of crystallographic anisotropy, the long-time evolution of the pattern is dominated by "imperfections" of the system, such as misalignment of the temperature gradient, and finite-size. In this study, we present experimental results on the finite-size effects on rod eutectics and show that a rod to lamella transition takes place as a result of finite-size effect only, at a given alloy concentration.