Electronic and Mechanical Design of a Hexapod Land Searching Robot

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Boz T., Aras İ., Kıkıcı S., Ersoy S.

International Advanced Researches and Engineering Journal, vol.4, no.1, pp.34-40, 2020 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


In this study, it is aimed to design a robot that can be used in fields such as land exploration, mine search, ammunition transportation, search and rescue activities in natural disasters. For this purpose, a six-legged robot was designed. The robot can move evenly in uneven terrain conditions, stop, accelerate and overcome the obstacle when it sees an obstacle. The mechanical and electronic design of the robot was realized, and a prototype was manufactured. The flexibility of the legs used in the design ensures that the robot can move more easily in field conditions. The synchronous speed and direction of the motors are controlled, and the robot moves in a balanced way. With the IP camera mounted on a Raspberry Pi, snapshots were taken from the robot. Mechanical and electronic design of six-legged robot capable of moving on uneven ground was realized. The sixlegged robot was placed with three legs on the right and three legs on the left. The motors were operated simultaneously to allow the robot to move evenly. Thanks to its leg structure, it was aimed to travel in land conditions. Image control was provided on the computer with the camera placed on the robot. In this study, the program written into the electronic cards run the motors simultaneously.