Nano Calcium Phosphate Powder Production Through Chemical Agitation from Atlantic Deer Cowrie Shells (Cypraea cervus Linnaeus)

Gunduz O. , Sahin Y. M. , Agathopoulos S., Agaogullari D., Gokce H., Kayali E. S. , ...More

25th Symposium and Annual Meeting of the International-Society-for-Ceramics-in-Medicine (ISCM), Bucharest, Romania, 7 - 10 November 2013, vol.587, pp.80-81 identifier identifier


The process is a simple chemical method and aims to produce nano-structured calcium phosphate powders from natural sources, for biomedical applications. For this purpose, Atlantic Deer Cowrie (ADC) shells (Cypraea cervus Linnaeus, 1771) were collected from a local gift store in Istanbul. The empty shells were cleaned and crushed then were ball milled and sieved under 100 mu m. The raw powders were suspended on a hotplate stirrer for a simple chemical agitation. The temperature was kept at 80 degrees C for 15 min. and then appropriate amount of H3PO4 was added by titration into the prepared solution to form calcium phosphate precursors. The solution was stirred on a hotplate for 8 hours then dried at 100 degrees C for 24 hours. Afterwards the resulting dried sediments were collected and heat treated between 400-800 degrees C for 4 hours, dependent on the required specific calcium phosphate phase.