Internet Based Control Of Gunt Proccess Training System

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Erdal H. (Executive) , Doğan B. , Korkmaz H. , Altıkardeş Z. A.

Project Supported by Higher Education Institutions, 2005 - 2007

  • Project Type: Project Supported by Higher Education Institutions
  • Begin Date: March 2005
  • End Date: May 2007

Project Abstract

In this study; the Process Level Trainer (Plant - GUNT RT512), which is present in Marmara University Technical Education Faculty Robotic Laboratory, is controlled through the Internet by a special control software developed using Delphi programming language and designed web pages. By the help of an IP (Internet Protocol) Camera used, the experiment process in the plant was sent online to the user’s web browser and as a result, a Remotely Access Laboratory (UEL) Implementation was developed.

The Process Level Trainer is a training set for the basic algorithms that are mostly used in control technology education. Before using the Plant in UEL, some modifications were made on it. A special electronic card was designed and this lets analog-digital signal transfer between the Plant and Server Computer. Hereby, the Plant manufactured to be controlled by industrial controller changed to be controlled by computer.

The Control Software runs on the Server Computer and this software enables the user control the Plant locally (in the Robotic Lab.) or remotely (through the Internet). Delphi programming language is used to develop this software because Delphi has strong programming structure and fast-stable running properties. The local user interface of UEL is a Delphi form and using this interface, experiments can be made and Remote Control mode can be opened or closed as well.

The remote user interface is web pages. HTML, PHP scripting languages are used to create the web pages. Apache web server is preferred to serve these web pages through the Internet. MySQL is the best suitable database to work with PHP & Apache couples and it is used to store the experiment and user data. An object was developed by using Adobe Flash Action Script Language for drawing experiment graphics. Also user can watch the real-time view of the experiment through these web pages by the help of a pan-tilt movable IP Camera attached to the Plant.

As a result of this study, on a real Plant, through the Internet, a user can make simultaneous experiments, watch the experiment status and results, download the results to his own computer as a csv file. UEL confers a real laboratory environment to the institutions which has lack of laboratory and trainer opportunities, and supports the teaching stuff during theoretical control technology education.