Sarıkaş A. , Korkmaz H. , Baba A. F. , Başpınar U. , Yayla A. , Erdal H. , et al.

TUBITAK Project, 2021 - 2021

  • Project Type: TUBITAK Project
  • Begin Date: September 2021
  • End Date: September 2021

Project Abstract

Since every electronic system produced today has an embedded brain made up of reconfigurable electronic components, there is a tremendous national need for technicians trained in this field. In the electronics world, mobility is rapidly increasing towards reconfigurable digital systems using Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) to create smaller, faster and more flexible industrial devices. FPGAs are used in many areas, from automotive and energy equipment to communication systems, from hand-held medical devices to daily household items, especially in the defense industry. Undoubtedly, the technicians of the future must understand the nature of modern digital design. To meet this need, educational strategies followed in the world and in Turkey in the fields of engineering education and vocational and technical education were examined. As a result, it is aimed to develop a digital systems curriculum module that can be easily integrated into technology courses in the current high school curriculum.

The target audience of the project is Information Technologies, Electric-Electronics and Aircraft Maintenance teachers who work in vocational and technical secondary education institutions. Since the teaching curriculum of the teachers working in these institutions today is determined by the effect of conventional methods and approaches during their undergraduate education, the gains they have acquired become out of date, the existing methods and materials have changed significantly, making it necessary to introduce the teaching models prepared with today's innovative approaches to teachers. Thus, the training of the technicians of the future, which is the main target audience, with this innovative approach coincides with the new approaches aimed to be implemented within the scope of the project and has become a necessity.

In this project, first of all, the current knowledge of the relevant field teachers will be updated by means of innovative methods and approaches. With the use of course contents prepared with innovative approaches and methods, its prevalence will be increased. Thanks to this new approach, a very important step will be taken in achieving the great goals of developing “national chips” in national projects with our own means. Thus, the number and variety of highly skilled employees for targeted industries will increase. At the same time, it will accelerate the entry of vocational and technical high school graduates into the pool of qualified technicians needed by the electronics industry. This pool of highly skilled technicians will be created and maintained through the strengthening and expansion of the community.