Location optimisation of underground and aboveground containers and development of a dynamic, intelligent and sustainable scheduling for solid waste collection in urban areas: A case study of Maltepe Municipality

Çalış Uslu B. , Demir Ö. (Executive) , Doğan B. , Yıldız K. , Baş A. , Ülkü E. E.

Newton Programme Project, 2020 - 2021

  • Project Type: Newton Programme Project
  • Begin Date: April 2020
  • End Date: July 2021

Project Abstract

Failure to determine the collection points effectively and depending on need leads to excessive accumulation of waste and regional risk. This

study aims to determine the most suitable location for the collection points with the optimisation approach and to develop and implement an algorithm that determines the most suitable route planning for the vehicles used in the collection process.