Publications & Works

Refereed Congress / Symposium Publications in Proceedings

Extraterritorial slaves: Ottoman paternalism and the humanitarian predicament in the late nineteenth-century

World History Workshop, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, England, 11 March 2021

’Imaginary grievances and gratuitous accusations’: Debating slavery and narrating facts in the Ottoman archives

Middle East Studies Association Annual Meeting, Washington, United States Of America, 10 - 13 October 2020

’Beyond the circle of toleration’: Runaway slaves, international law, and politics of intimacy in the late Ottoman Empire

Middle East Studies Association Annual Meeting, New Orleans, United States Of America, 14 - 17 November 2019

Runaway slaves, Anglo-Ottoman relations, and politics of humanitarianism in the late nineteenth century

British International History Group Annual Conference, Lancaster, United Kingdom, 5 - 07 September 2019

What is the Medium of Modernization? State and Publics in the Early Turkish Republic

NSSR UPSS Graduate Student Conference, New-York, United States Of America, 20 - 21 April 2013