Spotify Platformundaki Amerika, Avusturalya, İngiltere ve Türkiye'de Yayınlanmış Sekiz Çocuk Albümünün Karşılaştırmalı İncelemesi

Thesis Type: Postgraduate

Institution Of The Thesis: Marmara University, Institute of Social Sciences, Department of Islamic History and Arts, Turkey

Approval Date: 2022

Thesis Language: Turkish


Supervisor: Mehmet Safa Yeprem


This study was carried out in order to identify the postural problems of musicians performing Turkish Music instruments more precisely by using modern devices, to evaluate them, and to provide information about their follow-up and rehabilitation. For this purpose, literature review, measurement and analysis methods were used in the relevant field, and the data were presented descriptively. Volunteers, consisting of those who are professionally engaged in music and those who do not deal with music, were divided into control and musician groups (n=40). Volunteers were evaluated at the stations of the "Medipol Industry Health Web-Based Evaluation System" (MEDES) after a questionnaire consisting of demographic data and questions about the study was applied. At these stations, measurements were made on the volunteers in terms of "foot sole pressure analysis", "body balance evaluation", "posture evaluation", "hand grip strength evaluation" and "muscle strength and movement analysis". In the musician group, the initial symptoms of musculoskeletal disorders related to playing musical instruments were detected; It was determined that the body balance was impaired compared to the control group, the grip strength of the left hand increased beyond the physiological limits compared to the right hand, the muscles that made abduction and flexion in the right and left shoulders weakened, and the physiological limits of the feet began to be challenged. As a result, it has been shown in this study, based on numerical data, that musculoskeletal disorders begin to develop over the years in those who play one of the Turkish Music instruments. Considering the average age of the musicians included in the study, such disorders; It has been interpreted that it started to be seen from an early age, and that musicians were watching at a pace that could end their professional life earlier than it should. It has been suggested that musicians should be informed about musculoskeletal diseases, that courses including rehabilitative activities should be added to the curriculum in institutions and organizations that provide music education, and that music students should be followed up in terms of musculoskeletal disorders by periodically undergoing health checks.