A comparative analysis for ainjuries to the upper extremity in handball players in Super League in the province of Baghdad and İstanbul

Thesis Type: Postgraduate

Institution Of The Thesis: Marmara University, Faculty of Sport sciences, Sport Coaching, Turkey

Approval Date: 2015

Thesis Language: Turkish

Student: Majid Alkaabi

Consultant: Niyazi Güven Erdil


SUMMARY A COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS FOR AINJURIES TO THE UPPER EXTREMITY IN HANDBALL PLAYERS IN SUPER LEAGUE IN THE PROVINCE OF BAGHDAD AND ISTANBUL In every sport athletes are faced with injuries. Sports injuries are varied. Injuries can occur in every region of the body. The future of sports injuries and athletes, as well as medical terms should be considered. Risk of injury, athletes and fitness by having the proper uniform and out of season, before and can be minimized with preventive approach within. In this paper, the scope of the athletes upper extremity injuries as a result of shoulder injuries and treatment methods aimed to investigate . This research's aim is to state the knowledge levels of male sports men handball players in super league in the province of Baghdad and Istanbul about injuries and to determine the differences among branches. In the survey, this is in the scope of research, injuries that licensed male sports men handball players in super league in the province of baghdad and istanbul provinces encounter and knowledge levels about avoiding injuries, the differences of these parameters according to branches are stated. The survey is conducted on 84 sportsmen. Participants' average age is computed as 309, ±3, 58. In the research, analysis of parameters is done by the computer program SPSS 16.0. In the comparison of the continuous variables T Test and ANOVA are used. Categorical data are analyzed by using cross tables, analysis of variance,value F and Pearson's Correlation Test. According to the research,shoulder joint injuries, hand and fingers injuries, hand and phalanges injuries are frequently seen. Injuries are at least taken into consideration by badğat provınce hentbol players and mostly heeded by istanbul provınce hentbol players. Majority of the sportsmen that participated the research, do not take specific precautions against injuries. %83,33'of the 84 sportsmen is injured at least once and % 59,52 of the sportsmen state that asmall injuries are more risky. Badğat provınce hentbol players injuries are more frequently happen after a blow from a competitor and for Istanbul provınce hentbol players injuries lack of warm up causes injuries. Most of the sportsmen that participated in the survey prefer going to a doctor in case of an injury. At the ending of the research, the results of the parameters point out that, the researchers, those want to study in this field, should conduct a similar survey on trainers and compare the results.