İstanbul'daki Yahudi, Hıristiyan ve İslam mabedlerinde icra edilen ilahilerin karşılaştırmalı müzikal analizi

Thesis Type: Doctorate

Institution Of The Thesis: Marmara University, Institute Of Social Sciences, Department Of Islamic History And Arts, Turkey

Approval Date: 2015

Thesis Language: Turkish


Supervisor: Mehmet Safa Yeprem


Istanbul has hosted different civilizations over the centuries. The synagogues, churches and mosques in Istanbul, as it is in many parts of Anatolia, are used actively. This study is a musical analysis of hymns performed in temples in Istanbul by diferent religious communities. Despite the existence of many religious communities living in Istanbul, I chose to compare musical and cultural associations in the forefront of the Jewish Sephardic, Armenian Orthodox, Chaldean Catholic, Greek Orthodox, Syriac Orthodox, Protestant Presbyterian and chants of Islamic communities which have common culture and music . The selected communities are performing all seven community monophonic chant. M. Safa Yeprem has revealed the common aspects of temple music. Chants that use maqams and measure number; navigational features, the measure number of patterns, formal structures, such as the direction of quartets and quintets musical analysis to be used is evaluated according to the Arel-Ezgi Sound System. The musical structure assessment was made based on the formal structure of Onur Akdoğu. In addition to the hymn performance was included the performers gender, and temples physical features. The findings of the assessment shows that selected hymns are similar in terms of musical patterns, maqams, rhythms, and musical structure etc.