Petros Peloponnesios, Petros Byzantios ve İoannis Neohoritis'in Anastasimatarion'larında yer alan Kekrağaria ve Pasapnoaria ilahi gruplarının karşılaştırmalı analizi

Thesis Type: Postgraduate

Institution Of The Thesis: Marmara University, Institute Of Social Sciences, Department Of Islamic History And Arts, Turkey

Approval Date: 2020

Thesis Language: Turkish


Supervisor: Mehmet Safa Yeprem


Petros Peloponnesios (Petros the Thief, Petros the Teacher) was the lambadarios of Istanbul Fener Greek Patriarchate, the center of Orthodox Christianity, towards the end of 18th century. His Anastasimatarion which he composed for the Sunday Esperinos and in which he gathered his compositions together was rearranged and reprinted many times until today. The three works which constitute our study are Petros Peloponnesios' Anastasimatarion which Grigorios Protopsaltis translated into modern notes in his manuscript, Petros Byzantios' Anastasimatarion which was printed in Bucharest in 1820 and finally Ioannis Neochoritis' Anastasimatarion which was printed in Istanbul in 1905. The two different hymn groups in the Anastasimatarion which are named "Kekragaria" and "Pasapnoaria" are analyzed and the differences and similarities between the three composers are interpreted according to the findings.