Academic and Administrative Experience

Academic Titles

  • 2021 - Continues Lecturer PhD

    Marmara University, School Of Medicine, Internal Medical Sciences

Managerial Experience

  • 2021 - Continues Ethics Committee Member

    University Of Health Sciences, İstanbul Fatih Sultan Mehmet Traınıng Research Center

  • 2020 - 2021 Ethics Committee Member

    University Of Health Sciences, Health Research Center


  • Undergraduate Rational pharmacotherapy in elderly

  • Undergraduate Adverse effects of drugs and toxicology

  • Undergraduate Biological modifiers

  • Undergraduate Pharmacotherapy in peptic ulcer disease

  • Undergraduate Pharmacotherapy in parasitic infections

  • Undergraduate Anesthetic premedication

  • Undergraduate Pharmacotherapy of heart failure

  • Undergraduate Pharmacotherapy of malaria

  • Undergraduate Treatment principles of antibiotics

  • Undergraduate General principles of prescribing

  • Undergraduate Antibacterial drugs